1. The INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm is open to all members of households, twenty-one years and older, in the Piedmont, North Carolina area which receive the official WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-Rom in the mail or from participating locations, and visitors to the WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm website who are twenty-one years and older.
   a. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY in order to participate.
   b. Employees of WKSI, Bahakel Communications, other radio companies, entities furnishing prizes, their advertising agencies or entities otherwise connected to the conduct of this contest and members of their immediate families are not eligible to participate.
   c. WKSI reserves the right to disqualify any contestant if contest rules are not followed.
   d. Limit one registration per person.
   e. The decision of WKSI with regard to all matters relating to this contest, including those matters not specifically addressed in these rules, shall be final. This contest is void where prohibited or otherwise restricted by law and is subject to all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations.
   f. WKSI will have the exclusive right to determine the names included in the mailing list for the INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROMs.
   g. WKSI and its agents will not be responsible for the omission of any name or names from the mailing list for the INCREDIBLE PRIZEtm CD-ROMs.
   h. WKSI and its agents have determined that the WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROM is safe for use in most computers. WKSI and its agents are not responsible for any technical difficulties connected to the use of the WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROM. Technical assistance is available at 1-888-844-1694.

2. Any delays in the receipt of the WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROMs shall not be the responsibility of WKSI or its agents. WKSI and its agents shall not be responsible for any neglect, omission or failure on the part of the US postal Service in delivering the WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROM to the designated addresses.

3. WKSI INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROMs, if not received in the mail, may also be picked up at WKSI, 221 West Meadows Road, Greensboro, NC, or by sending a stamped, self addressed 4 x 5 envelope to WKSI, 221 West Meadows Road, Greensboro, NC, while supplies last. When supplies are exhausted no further CD-ROMs will be available. However registration for the INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm will be available through the WKSI website (www.987thepoint.com). Anyone entering by using the registration method available on the website will not be eligible to win the INSTANT PRIZE GAME $10,000 prize.

   a. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY in order to participate.
   b. Only recipients of the INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROMs are eligible for the INSTANT PRIZE GAME.
   c. Only official Internet and fax registrations for the INSTANT PRIZE GAME will be accepted.
   d. One (1) winning entry number for the INSTANT PRIZE GAME has been randomly selected by IQ television group.
   e. Registrations for the INSTANT PRIZE GAME will be tallied as they are received until the winning number is reached.
   f. The INSTANT PRIZE GAME winner will be awarded a cash prize of ($10,000) ten thousand dollars.
   g. The INSTANT PRIZE GAME winner will be notified online or by telephone by a WKSI employee as soon as practicable.
   h. WKSI reserves the right to announce the winning name over the air and exhibit the name and likeness of the winner on the WKSI website and in any other promotional materials at its discretion.
   i. In the event a computer malfunction results in more than one person being awarded the $10,000 INSTANT PRIZE WKSI will divide the prize between all the winners equally.

   a. In the event the name of the winner of the INSTANT PRIZE GAME has been entered by another contestant in the DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES GAME, then that contestant will receive the DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES GAME prize.
   b. The name of the INSTANT PRIZE GAME winner must be entered in the DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES GAME on the official registration form of another contestant and sent by Internet or fax to WKSI.
   c. In case of duplicate entries the decision of WKSI is final.

   a. Anyone who has been mailed the INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm CD-ROM or any listener who visits the WKSI website is eligible to play the INCREDIBLE PRIZE GAMEtm.
   b. The contest will begin on or about May 1st 2000 and continue until on or about June 9th, 2000.
   c. WKSI reserves the right to add or subtract to the number of days the contest is played without notice.
   d. Each weekday during the contest names will be announced at different times during the day.
   e. WKSI may change the number and times at which names will be announced without notice.
   f. These names will be selected from Internet or Fax registrations and/or the CD-ROM mailing list.
   g. The person whose name is announced will have a specified number of minutes to call a specified telephone number.
   h. If the announced name is selected from the CD-ROM mailing list, the caller will be required to verify his/her name and mailing address.
   i. If the announced name is selected from the list of Internet and Fax registrations, the caller will be required to verify his/her name, date of birth and e-mail address.
   j. A caller who has called within the specified time to the specified number, and whose information has been satisfactorily verified will win the Qualifying Prize and will be qualified to win one of five cars in the Grand Finale reverse raffle.
   k. The Qualifying Prize winner will also be informed of the Prize Line being played for and which prizes are available to be won.
   l. In order to win one of the available prizes the Qualifying Prize winner will then be asked to correctly identify the name of the Song of the Day.
   m. If the Qualifying Prize winner correctly identifies the Song of the Day he/she will win:
      i. The prize he/she has pre-selected when registering for the
      ii. Or if that prize is no longer available his/her selection from the
         remaining eligible prizes for that Prize line.
      iii. If the Qualifying Prize Winner has not pre-selected any prizes
         he/she will select from the available prizes.
   n. The Song of the Day and contest times will be announced on WKSI's air at or around 7.20am every weekday for that day. This information will also be available at or around 6pm the previous day on the WKSI website, and also by e-mail, prior to the first contest time of each day, to registered contestants who have requested e-mail notification.
   o. A complete list of prizes will be available on the WKSI website or by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to WKSI, 221 West Meadows Road, Greensboro, NC. WKSI takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these lists.
   p. WKSI may make additions or changes to the available prizes at any time, without notice.

7. The each winner must appear at the WKSI studios at 221 West Meadows Road, Greensboro, NC with personal identification verifying name and/or date of birth, address and e-mail address within three (3) business days after winning his/her prize.
   a. All prizes not claimed within three (3) business days shall be forfeited and become the property of WKSI.

 8. WKSI will offer prizes from each of the Prize Lines presented on the "Incredible Prize Game"tm website during the duration of the contest.
   a. Prizes will not be offered on a random basis.
   b. Opportunities to win from individual Prize Lines will not be offered an equal number of times.

9. All winners are responsible for any or all taxes incurred as a result of winning any prizes in this contest.

10. All winners must sign a standard WKSI release acknowledging that WKSI will have the right to publicize and/or broadcast the winner's name, likeness, character or voice and the fact that he/she is a winner in order to claim the prize, and hereby waive any claim of royalty and remuneration for said use. By participating in the contest, the winner consents to the use without additional compensation, of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice for promotion and/or advertising purposes in connection with this contest, the station or it's sponsors.

11. Up to ninety (90) days should be allowed for delivery of all prizes.

12. Only one prizewinner per household.

13. Prizes are not transferable and no cash award will be offered as an alternative to any prize.

14. Any changes or modifications of the contest rules will be announced on the WKSI website.

15. Winners waive any and all claims against WKSI, Bahakel Communications and its employees, sponsors, affiliates and agents for any accident, injury or loss occurring as a result or consequence of this contest or the award of a prize, and from any loss or injury caused to participants during the term of this contest or prize period.

16. Winners must sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Release and Waiver of all Liability against the Station, its sponsors, employees, agents and affiliated companies for any injury or loss which may occur from the contestants participation in the contest or from the use of any prize which is awarded.

17. A complete list of Prize winners and rules can be obtained by submitting a request in writing to WKSI at WKSI, 221 West Meadows Road, Greensboro, NC.

18. Void where prohibited.

19. WKSI reserves the right to terminate the contest at any time without notice.