Our Innovative Approach Has Reduced Insurance Premiums By 20-30% While Improving Quality Of Coverage

These savings add up and can be $100,000+ over 10 years for even a small to medium sized property.

Insurance BidWorks Inc. has a risk management solution designed by insurance industry experts specifically for Property Management Firms and REITs. This proprietary process defines the insurance program, competitively bids out the coverage and then identifies the best combination of cost and coverage based on the carrier responses to hundreds of detailed questions. This process was designed by us and has been used for school systems, hospitals, county and city municipalities and businesses of all sizes for over 40 years.

These services are available for a single property or can be a core component in a customized solution designed to manage an entire portfolio of properties and clients. WIth little risk or effort on your part, real opportunites do exist to generate new sources of revenue along with time and cost savings for your business. We make it easy to provide significant value to your existing clients in the form of premium savings and improved coverage.

Call to setup an appointment to discuss propeties that could be a good canidate for our process and/or revenue opportunities for your firm, long term. We are always avalaible to do an on-site demo for your team. See for yourself how we can work together to benefit your business, your managers and your clients.

We do not sell insurance, nor are compensated in any way by the carriers or agents. We work entirely for and with you!

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