Insurance Management Services

Services are billed monthly and costs are dependent on number or units and optional services included. The value of our services continues after the first successful bid. Every year the valuations are updated and insurance coverages are re-bid once every three years. If a premium increases is unreasonable, then the coverage can be re-bid with a minimal amount of effort on the part of the client.

Bid Preparation

We make it easy for you to streamline this important process. Not only do we relieve the association and the management from the time and effort to prepare the specifications and review the bids, but we create a more professional product which will generate better results.

Bid Specifications

Well organized and professional bid specifications generate more responses from agents, thus more competitive bids. There is a separate electronic form contained in the bid specifications for every type of coverage, i.e. General Liability, Property, Directors and Officers etc...

Click the below page graphic to view a sample Property Bid Form that is completed by the bidder.


Analysis and Report

The bids are analyzed electronically with values assigned for coverage questions and the results are weighed to reflect the relationship between premium, conditions and coverage. A written report is provided to the client ranking all the bids with a recommendation of the bid that provides the best combination of cost and coverage.

Property Valuation (Optional)

A property valuation for each building developers replacement costs values based on local conditions. The valuation is only required once is then updated annually so that the insured value are always accurate.

By-Laws Review (Optional)

The current insurance policies will be reviewed for compliance with the insurance requirements of the By-Laws and inconsistencies will br reported to you for either changes in the By-Laws or changes in the coverages necessary for compliance.

Policy Bid Compliance (Optional)

When the policies are issued, they will be checked for compliance with the accepted bids. Any discrepancies will be identified and a letter will be written to the Agent and/or insurance company advising corrections necessary to comply the with original bid response.



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